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"Peace of Mind" by Milo Tchais
Pineal Art and Film - Producitons

“Brazilian Londoner Milo Tchais’s rhapsodies of swirling form and joyous colour have been setting the streets of London and the wider firmament alight for many years now. Synthesising radiant elements from the natural world with the gently distorting mirror of imagination, his other worldly human forms nestle into an orgy of spiralling abstraction and a landscape of explosive inner space. Silky movement glides trough the figurative prism and lifts layer after layer of texture into a joyous sea of celebration, reflection, exploration and transcendental wanderings trough the third eye.” London Street-art Design magazine


Milo Tchais by Pineal

Filmed by Bianca Turner and Azul Serra

Edited by Pedro Marques


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